Wednesday, June 03, 2009

OK, That Was Annoying...

If you couldn't read the last post, you're not alone; part of my keyboard stopped working the other day. Basically, one big column went out, so that I could no longer type the letters I, J, K, M, or U, the numbers 7 or 8, or the comma and the < sign (great for doing blogging, what with the links and all). The gibberish you saw in that post was the extent of what my keyboard would do at the time, and I couldn't resist titling it with the lolcat-ese exclamation of HALP!

So after three days of this--having to write long replies to business emails on my iPhone, and having everyone who talked to me on AIM think I'd been drinking--i realized that i had to do something. Not really being able to go to the Computer Hospital (since I'm going to the People Hospital for a morning coming up, possibly as soon as next week, and needing to keep most of my funds going in that direction), I did the only thing I could do: Throw down for a new keyboard. While it makes my laptop a bit less laptop-y, it'll do the trick until I can take it in, and it will see me through the week or so that I'm mostly stuck at home after surgery.

I'll catch up on the posts i was trying to start over the weekend within the next couple of days and try to get some new stuff up as well.

Belated greetings: Mom and Dad's anniversary was yesterday, and I always give them greetings on this blog, even if they don't read it all that much. And in a true surprise, i didn't manage to get their card sent out until Monday afternoon, and it still reached them in Houston yesterday! Maybe that's what the extra two cents per stamp is for. (Nah....)

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