Friday, May 22, 2009

Kids Say the Darnedest Things...Even When In Pain

I noted last week that, as I deal with the after-effects of my injury, I sometimes gain perspective by encountering someone who's worse off than I am. Hopefully, I was that someone for a kid at one of my schools. They'd been having an outdoor recreation day (as happens a lot during the month of May), and this kid, a teacher's aide in the band hall, was hurting a bit from said recreation. The following conversation ensued:

KID: Owww!
ME: What's wrong?
KID: I think I sprained my ankle out there.
ME: Well, sorry to hear that. I'd say that I'd trade with you, but you don't want this [pointing to knee brace].
KID: What happened to you?
ME: I fell down some stairs, and now I have to have surgery pretty soon. Trust me, you don't want to trade with me.
KID: Yeah. But my ankle really hurts right now!
ME (being totally facetious): Well, you could go in there [pointing to band library] and stick it in the refrigerator...
KID (to band director): Can I do that?
KID (pauses a moment): Well...can i put my head in there?

As always, maybe you had to be there, but there are a lot of funny kids in my schools. It's rarely a dull moment in my business...

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