Wednesday, May 13, 2009

And the Winner Is...

I didn't realize until today that any official announcement was being made, but evidently, the soon-to-open new home of the Cowboys has a name now: Cowboys Stadium. It's not exactly original, but, like Rangers Ballpark in Arlington down the street, there's a certain elegance in its simplicity.

Owner/GM Jerry Jones made the announcement at the team's annual golf tournament today:
"Texas Stadium, we certainly have a deep embedded vision of what it is and at some point we will say was," Jones said. "But we'd like to keep it at that. It's certainly fitting when looking at the tradition of the Cowboys for it to be Cowboys Stadium. It sounds obvious and simplistic but it's right."
That's also another way of saying "We can't get a corporate sponsor right now," but that makes sense as well; with the economy in the state it's in, no company wants to be seen as "wasting" money on naming rights. But the simple name also leaves an opening for a corporate moniker later, when the economy improves. If Jones had gone with the sentimental fan favorite, Tom Landry Stadium, imagine what a fuss there would have been if that had been chosen, only to be replaced with a company name in a few years.

There was a bit of discussion of this subject on Ernie and Jay today while I was driving between schools. As some pointed out, at least the popular nickname of "JerryWorld"--a local media favorite--didn't actually get chosen. Some of the funnier ones I heard: Taxes Stadium, the Y'all Mahal, and the Eminent Dome (as in eminent domain, which was used to evict some homeowners in the area in order to build the stadium).

If you were Jerry Jones, what would you call the stadium? Leave your answers in the comments.

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