Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Latest News Is....No News at All

A few weeks ago, I thought I'd be having surgery this week, but I've been asked to take a few pre-op clearance tests first, and--as I've noted throughout my experience with the medical profession since my accident--this has thrown a major monkey wrench into the process. I have a couple more hoops to jump through, so until then, all I can do is "hurry up and wait."

I suppose it's not completely awful to be able to finish the semester in the public schools (I was planning on stopping after next Monday anyway, since they go into exams the following day, and I will likely be able to still do that), but I'm really ready to get this procedure over with so that the healing may begin; I'm not feeling any worse at this point, but I'm pretty much spinning my wheels in the grand scheme of things.

As always, I'll update when there's something new to tell.

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