Saturday, May 09, 2009

You've Heard of "Chocolate Rain." Now Here's a "Chocoolate Racer"

Scientists have come up with a car that runs on chocolate.

Now, it's not as simple as opening up the gas tank and pouring in a few cans of Hershey's Syrup or anything, but you'd have to say that it's very "green:"
The car runs on vegetable oils and chocolate waste that has been turned into biofuel. The steering wheel is made out of plant-based fibers derived from carrots and other root vegetables, and the seat is built of flax fibre and soybean oil foam. The body is also made of plant fibers.
It's not just a car; it's a meal!

This certainly is not the first time a vehicle has been built out of plant life (think Rose Parade floats, for example), and there may be some practical applications that need tweaking (will the biodegradable stuff, well, biodegrade before the end of the normal life of a vehicle?), but it's still a really cool idea.

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