Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Funny Story for Wedding Season

I went to a wedding last night. That wedding went fine, but while I was there, I heard a hilarious story from a friend that had to do with the rehearsal dinner for his own wedding a while back:

This guy is a small-town dude, and his parents evidently have some sort of ranch-type spread, so the rehearsal dinner was held there. A country-and-western band was hired to play for the evening, and, as one might imagine, the beers were flowing freely throughout the night, especially among the band members.

As the night wound down, most of the rest of the band started to pack up their equipment, but the lead guitarist wanted one more beer and one more song. He performed a solo tune that was evidently rather amazing and went on for a while. Then he put his last beer down and said, "Sorry, but I gotta go too; I'm graduating from high school in the morning."

Even the groom-to-be's parents had to laugh at the ridiculousness of that one, which evidently trumped any guilt they may have had for giving that many beers to a minor.

As for the actual wedding I attended this weekend, the weather cooperated beautifully and everything went off well. Best of luck to Marc and Crystal, the happy couple; it was great to be there with you on your special day.

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