Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Governor Gives UNT Stadium the Nod

I was happy to read today that Gov. Rick Perry signed the bill last weekend approving the student service fee that will help fund the new UNT stadium:
The fee of $10 per semester credit hour will help fund construction of a new football stadium to replace Fouts Field. The fee will go into place when the new stadium that would sit adjacent to the Mean Green Athletic Center opens.

UNT officials plan to open the stadium in 2011. Groundbreaking for the facility is expected to take place late this year or next spring.
I've been a supporter of the stadium since the idea was first proposed, and a post indicating that support has been one of the most-visited writings on this blog.

The governor's signature was pretty much a given, but it's nice to see this project clear its final legislative hoop. Between the proposed opening of this stadium and that of the Bush Turnpike Eastern Extension, the fall of 2011 will be, if nothing else, exciting.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're happy about the additional tuition money myself and other struggling students will soon have to cough up......since the tuition de-regulation hit, I have watched myself and friends work harder and harder to try to stay in school. Some of us can no longer find the extra work necessary to keep up with the increasing cost of higher education and so we have either had to cut back on the number of hours we're taking or drop out all together! And in doing research to try to find a less expensive alternative to UNT I have found that I can actually go to an out of state school and spend less money! How sad is that? And yes, I am strongly considering it! Oh and since you think a new stadium will make the team better, I suppose you were ok with the "emminent domain" thing in order to get the new Cowboy's stadium built?