Friday, September 23, 2005

Quite a Milestone

I've mentioned before how I took my previous car, the Kevmobile, all the way up to 338,000 miles before it was unceremoniously taken off the road almost three years ago when it failed a state inspection rather badly (the full story and pictures are here). I also mentioned at the time that my friend and colleague, Kris, had taken his '89 4Runner even farther than that. Well, today I got word that, at 398,000 miles, the 4Runner passed inspection once again, so it's obviously gone past that mythical, mystical 400,000 mile barrier to which I aspired. Way to go, Kris!

(In case you're wondering, Kevmobile 1.2, which I bought "pre-owned," stands at nearly 146,000 miles--a mere pittance.)

Countdown to Firewheel: The town center that will instantly turn my neighborhood into a retail hot-spot opens exactly two weeks from today. In preparation for that event, I noticed that the city renamed the street that approaches--and soon will circumnavigate--the center in its honor. So if you're out in this area and wondering what happened to Northeast Parkway...well, it's Firewheel Parkway now, pod'nuh.

He keeps very gouda time: Jazz drummer Han Bennink was photographed playing a drum set made of cheese. (Hat tip: Dave Barry's Blog)

QUOTE OF THE DAY: The kid who's been funny in lessons over the years was funny again today. He was wearing a Bob the Builder sticker on his shirt, which amused me; that's the kind of thing my four-year-old nephew reads and watches, so you don't expect to see an eighth-grader sporting Bob-wear...

ME: So, you're a fan of Bob the Builder, huh?
KID: Yes! He gives me inspiration and strength.

Like some of the previous funny kid moments, maybe you had to be there, but I laughed very hard.


Gary P. said...

Hey man! Don't slag Bob the Builder. Wendy's a babe.

Kev said...

LOL, Gary. No slagging intended, just noting that he seemed a bit out of the eighth-grader's demographic...