Monday, September 26, 2005

What Is This Thing Called...Sleep?

I'm about to find out for the next couple of days. You see, this semester has already been pretty much kicking my butt. But finally, there's a light at the end of the tunnel (and I'm pretty sure it's not attached to an oncoming train). Two late-starting mornings for the next couple of days and a four-day weekend from school at the end of this week should get me appropriately recharged. This should also mean that the big opinion posts I've had in my head for a few weeks (on the Wright Amendment and big bureaucracy in education, among others) should finally come out, so hang in there through one more day of fluff (today) and I'll start getting caught up.

We'll miss him by that much...and more: Actor Don Adams, who played Agent Maxwell Smart in the hilarious series Get Smart, passed away over the weekend.

Motivated by demotivation: The first four designs of the Demotivators 2006 Collection have just been announced. (Full disclosure: yeah, my brother-in-law runs the company...but man, this is some funny stuff. And if it happens to help put food on the table of my sweet sister and two darling nephews, all the better.)

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