Sunday, September 04, 2005

A New Place to Play

I played a gig with Gordon's band WhoNew last night at a very cool place, the Broadway Bistro in historic downtown Carrollton. Like many other suburbs, Carrollton has rediscovered its downtown roots recently, bringing new life into its original town square.

The Bistro is located inside the recently renovated Oldfield Building, which features an ornate central staircase and houses offices as well as the restaurant. There's a lot of brick and stone inside that serves as a natural amplifier for a musical group (a good thing for me last night, since I was playing un-mic'ed and nursing two cold sores inside my mouth). There are plenty of tables for customers, and if the delicious club sandwich that I enjoyed between sets was any indication, the food was great.

The gig went well, and, as I'd hoped in an earlier post, all the band's tips were donated to hurricane relief; they had an extra jar for that right next to ours, so we just emptied the contents of ours into theirs. Evidently the Metrocrest area is about to welcome some refugees as well, so they were taking up a special collection for that effort.

Evidently, things are getting ready to really grow in this area, with condos, a luxury hotel and a DART rail station all scheduled to be built in the near future. I'm glad I got to be introduced to this place, and I'm really glad that they're receptive to having TD/D play there. We'll keep our collective fingers crossed, and I'll post the date once everything is set.

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