Monday, September 19, 2005

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of....OK, It Was Water

A Pirate Story by Kev:

I didn't get to do much to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day today, since it was such a long day of teaching. I did, however, hear the morning news team discussing it on the radio (I was listening to Brad BARRton on K-ARR-LD). It was a pretty miserable morning in the beginning, as I couldn't find the box fan that makes the un-airconditioned practice rooms at my first school bearable (I tried to buy one myself yesterday, but Super TARRget didn't have what I was looking for). Eventually, I found where it was hidden, so the rest of the morning wasn't nearly so hARRd.

Mondays are long teaching days, but none of the schools are too many miles apARRt from each other, so I didn't have to spend too much time in the cARR between my various locations. I did get a quick break at StARRbucks before teaching at the store, which was nice (I had a tall cARRamel Frappuccino, in case you were wondering). From there, it was a pretty chill evening, as I watched the Cowboys look great for most of their game tonight, only to blow it in the fourth quarter and lose by the thinnest of mARRgins. (I bet Coach PARRcells isn't too happy right now.) And now I sit here and type, but bedtime isn't fARR off at all.

Facing off: The weirdest headline I've read in a while: Doctors at a Cleveland clinic are preparing for the world's first face transplant.


Jazzy G said...

On my way to my 6:30pm class in the EESAT I saw a guy dressed like a pirate. It was only a brief glimpse, and I definately didn't expect to see that.

The parking (nazi) pirates were in rare form too. I came out to find an unjustified parking ticket filled out for my car. I think the pirates ran out of boots to anchor my car, because another person.. in the same class.. that got there 20min earlier than me, parked in the same area and got shackled. My ARR-ed (pirated; unlocked for all GSM service providers) Nokia 6800 phone decided to break around that time as well. That would have sucked to have been stranded as everything was starting to close up for the evening by the time class let out. Even though tomorrow is no longer TLAPD, someone WILL walk the plank for it.

*draws dagger from sheath* ARRRR!!!

Eric Grubbs said...

Face transplant? I guess Face/Off was really ahead of its time . . .