Monday, September 12, 2005

A Super Connection

A really cool thing for Metroplex-area transit occurred this weekend with the opening of the "Super Connector" phase of the President George Bush Turnpike on Friday. Even though the no-longer-missing link between the two previously exisiting segments is only about five miles long, its opening means that commuters can now take a single highway from about half a mile from my house all the way to the south entrance of DFW Airport. I used it to come home from my alumni meeting yesterday afternoon, and it's quite nice. It's probably about 75% bridges, going over wetlands, narrowly avoiding several landfills (not to mention the Sandy Lake amusement park), and swerving out of the way of the habitat of a rare nesting bird of some sort.

It's not the most picturesque segment of the George Bush, but that's counterbalanced by the ability to laugh and point at the cars that are stuck on 35E or LBJ. My trips to places like Arlington will be much easier now, and, unlike some people around here, I don't mind the tolls, because I know full well that without them, not a single mile of this turnpike would be done yet. When the extension from my neighborhood down to I-30 in south Garland is done in about four years, the loop around Dallas County will be halfway done. Let's hear it for increased mobility!

Blowing out the candles (both of them): Happy birthday to my nephew Caleb in Austin, who turns two today. I wasn't able to make the party on Saturday, but I hope to get down there and see my sister and her family very soon.

The pot calling the belly full: I meant to rave about a new eating place that I bet a lot of people haven't heard of yet: Potbelly Sandwich Works. The sandwiches themselves are delicious (I've had the roast beef twice and the turkey once, and I'm very tempted to try the PB&J, just because), and it's a funky atmosphere inside: fancy wooden booths with lofts (for decoration only; you can't sit up there) and bookshelves and so on, and, yes, an old pot-bellied stove up front, just for show. They also have shakes and ice cream, as well as soups and chili, but I'll have to partake of those at another visit. A sandwich, chips and drink totals just a shade over six bucks with tax. They're building one of these in the Firewheel Market development next to the new town center (which opens on October 7), and I'll be happy to welcome them to the neighborhood. Oh, and here's a news flash: A little bird told me (in the form of a kid I teach, whose dad is involved with the construction of Firewheel Market), that he's pretty sure they're putting a Chipotle in there. Sweeeeet...

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Eric Grubbs said...

The Super Connector is great. I haven't driven on it yet, but it was cool to see the traffic much lighter on I-35E south at the Bush yesterday morning.

I agree about Potbelly. Great sandwiches with a lot more flavor than your average sandwich place. I haven't eaten at the one closest to my house in a while due to its tight parking lot that is usually taken up by valet parking (ugh!). I recently noticed that there is one in Addison though. Hmmm . . .