Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Payday Week Blues

(As heard during a lesson this morning)
ME: So, did you bring me a check today, or will I have to eat cat food this week?
SIXTH-GRADER (grinning sheepishly): Umm....cat food.

I don't really have to eat cat food if students forget to pay me, especially now, but I don't mind throwing that little minor guilt trip out there every once in a while, just so they remember that teaching them actually is how I make my living. I used to use Alpo as part of the gag, but most of these people have been to summer lessons at the house, so they know I have a cat. Every once in a while, I'll encounter one--usually a sixth-grader--who believes me, if only for a second.

These are the last candles I'll blow out for a whole week...I think: Happy birthday Jeff C., aka Cranny. Welcome to a new decade...

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