Tuesday, August 16, 2005

This Joke Is "Desafinado"

Yet another music joke, once again courtesy of my fraternity listserv:
There once was a man named Opper Nockatees, who was a travelling piano
tuner. During the course of his travels, he came to a small village
that was full of very friendly people who made him feel welcome at once.
While standing outside of the village church, Opper Nockatees noticed
that the piano they were using in their services was badly out of tune.
As his gift to the people that had been so nice to him, he tuned
the piano in the church. The villagers had never heard the piano sound
so beautiful. Enthralled with the wonderful music coming from the
church, they played and played and played as though they couldn't get
enough of it.
Eventually, the piano went out of tune from overuse. The
villagers sent a committee to go down the road and catch up with Opper
Nockatees to bring him back to tune the piano again. When they found
him, the asked him and he refused. They begged him, for they had never
heard the piano sound so beautiful. Again he refused. When they asked
him why not, he replied, "Haven't you heard? Opper Nockatees only tunes
UPDATE: If you don't get it at first, try reading the last sentence out loud.

OK, that was kind of a groaner compared to the one from last week. Have any of your own? Put 'em in the comments (and keep it clean; I do have students who read this, so I attempt to maintain a PG-13 blog over here).

A car powered this way would really "whiz" along: From Dave Barry's Blog, we get word of a new battery that is powered by urine. Once you get past the "eww" factor, you have to admit that it would be a cheap source of renewable energy. Granted, it would change the whole concept of filling stations--they'd be pretty much a set of private little bays where you could, umm, fill up again, and I bet the adjacent convenience store would make a killing on drinks so that drivers could have more "fuel" for later.

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Eric Grubbs said...

Here's one my grandfather told me:

Once a man was to sing the national anthem at a ball game but he didn't know the lyrics. He wrote them down on a piece of paper and put it in his hat. When it came time for him to sing the song, his paper had fallen out of his hat so he began his rendition with "Made in Taiwan . . . "

Yeah, another groaner but I thought it was funny.