Saturday, August 06, 2005

Let's Hear It for Little D

The first-ever college music guide published by Rolling Stone magazine has plenty of kind words for Denton, according to an article in today's Dallas Morning News
The University of North Texas serves as Denton's biggest claim to college-town fame, but Rolling Stone raves also go out to Denton music venues Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, Hailey's Club, Dan's Silverleaf and J&J's Pizza. The guide also gives a thumbs up to Recycled Books, Records & CDs on the downtown square. Two defunct venues earned nods: Brickhaus Café, which is now serving coffee and open-mic activity as Banter, and Seasick Records, which closed its doors on campus last spring to vend hard-to-find music on disc and vinyl online.

"From my perspective, it's great to get some national recognition in a national publication like this," said Jon Nelson, director of the Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia at UNT. The center was one of the programs noted in the guide, along with UNT's world-renowned jazz-studies program.
Sure, when I was in college, we'd complain that there wasn't always a lot to do in Denton, but I guess we probably took the great music scene for granted, not realizing that every college town wasn't so richly endowed. The excellent music program at my alma mater has a lot to do with it, of course; the school provides a fertile ground for creativity that spills over into the community and guarantees a well-educated populace both onstage and in the audience. Sure, I wish there was a full-time jazz club there, but things like Lab Band Night at the Syndicate and various local jams will have to fill the void for now.

The new guide is called Schools that Rock: The Rolling Stone College Guide, published by Wenner Books. More information is available here.


Jazzy G said...

"..various local jams"

Denton has "various local jams"???

Do tell. I've not once heard of a jam session in Denton.

Kev said...

That's because they're generally very spontaneous and not necessarily public--thus the need for a full-time jazz club. I know they tend to happen in the lobby of Bruce on many occasions, and sometimes someone will check out the combo room in the Music Building to do such a thing. So yeah, a club would be nice.

Jazzy G said...

Well.. that makes sense as to why I've never heard of any of them. Even my 1.5 years of officially being in the music program and practically living in the music building I never once heard or saw any of those things.

You need to win the lottery and start up a club.

Gayland Barksdale said...

Denton has a great, fun music scene. Kevin, I went to NT the same time as you (in fact I was a DJ and did the news at KNTU in 86-87 when you were program director), and I knew then that there was something creative about the Denton music scene. I left Texas naerly 15 years ago, but whenever I go back I try to make it to Denton to catch a band.

Kev said...

Gayland: I recognized the name right away. Thanks for visiting; it's amazing the people you catch up with over the Internet (and just curious as to how you found this site as well). Are you still in broadcasting?

Gayland Barksdale said...

No, I'm not in broadcasting. I moved to DC in the early 90s and am in politics. I still have an aircheck or two from KNTU days though.

It was interesting how I found your site. I'm writing an essay on my college days and was looking for some info on the Denton music scene. It's a good site. Keep up the fine work.

Kev said...

Heh, I have a whole box of old aircheck tapes from my KNTU days. :-)

Nice to hear from you, Gayland. Take care and visit again.