Friday, August 05, 2005

Oops, I Broke Blog Curfew Tonight...

I try to have a post each day, though I will take a day off if there's simply nothing of substance that can be written (no sense writing just for writing's sake). But I totally missed "actual Thursday" this week (that's as opposed to what I call "fiscal Thursday," which means it's still "today" until I go to bed, no matter what the clock says). The day just got away from me: the college-combo-and-special-guests had a gig at the ArtCentre tonight (much fun was had), and, while at post-concert dinner with half of said combo, I got a call from some old friends who wanted to hang afterwards, hangage ensued, and suddenly it was one in the morning. All I can say is: meh. Catching up with people is good, and it's not like I lose money if I miss a blogging day.

Besides, I have no big topic at hand except one: if you're in the area, come see TD/D tomorrow night (that's fiscal tomorrow, actual today) at the Coffee Haus from 8-10 p.m. Since two of the three rhythm section players will be subs, we may not pull out the heavy artillery (i.e. Foosball), but I think it'll be fun. In addition to our rhythm guests, we're likely to have guest appearances from my alto protege, Aaron, as well as Colin from combo, an emerging talent on the drums. And of course we'll bring out Collin on alto (that's two-L Collin vs. the one-L Colin I just mentioned) from behind the counter, since he's working there during our gig.

Directions, parking details, etc. are now posted on the TD/D blog. Help us pack the place again!

So what'll they call it--Adibok or Reedas? In today's business news, Adidas announced that it's buying Reebok. (They're going to keep the individual brand names, however, wisely choosing not to come up with a hybrid like the ones listed above, or something completely random like "Accenture.")


Christopher Trottier said...

Does that mean Nike is no longer going to be the biggest name in town?

Eric Grubbs said...

If I bring it, can I be the guest cowbell player? :-)

Kev said...

Christopher--I think that was the idea of the whole merger. (Oh, and thanks for visiting! Haven't had too much traffic from Canada before this...)

Eric--I'm trying to think if any of our tunes could actually use "more cowbell." ;-)