Saturday, August 27, 2005

Sportin' Life

It's the week before college football starts in most places around the country, but this was a Saturday filled with sports:
  • My alma mater, UNT, has been talking about building a new football stadium for a long time (its current one, Fouts Field, dates back to 1952). Now comes word that it's likely to happen, and sooner, rather than later.

  • Congratulations to my old college radio buddy, Mark Followill, whose play-by-play gig with the Mavericks just moved from radio to TV.

  • At high noon today, it was sunny, there was no trace of a breeze, and the thermometer read 100 degrees. A perfect day for baseball, right? Umm...not really, but that didn't stop me and J-Guar from continuing the tradtion of seeing a Rangers-Twins game. Decked out in the garb of our respective teams, we cancelled each other out, cheering-wise, but had a great time doing so. The game itself was also good until the Rangers fell apart in the top of the eleventh, surrendering five runs to lose 7-2. J-Guar now leads the annual series 2-0.

  • Oh, and evidently, there's a Cowboys game going on right now, but I don't tend to pay attention to preseason games, so I probably won't know what the score is until tomorrow morning. UPDATE: That's how it worked, but I was glad to see that they beat the Texans.
That's all for the sports; now it's time for the outdoor report...

Fun Fact #52? If I ever do a second edition of Fun Facts, this could definitely be in there:

52. Despite the fact that I'm allergic to grass, I currently own four lawnmowers.

And the really strange thing is that only one of them works right now. The two gas-powered ones are out of both gas and oil (though, as of this weekend, I finally know where everything goes in the newest one), and the electric one just totally blew out last weekend. That left me with the old-school, Leave it to Beaver-style push mower that an old roommate left behind years ago. It's reasonably good exercise, but it's definitely inefficient. Some people have started using them again to be "green" in a trendy way, but I need something that cuts more consistently, given my limited window of daylight in which yardwork may occur.

Blowing Blogging out the candles: Happy birthday to Professor Glenn Reynolds, who publishes as InstaPundit (and is also sometimes referred to as the "Blogfather"). Also a happy birthday to my old buddy Matt R.


Shawn said...

I recently saw a neighbor using a "green" lawnmower and he said it worked quite well. He ordered it off of QVC. I wouldn't mind one of those if it worked well... but I haven't actually used one, so.

Kev said...

The push-mower is about as "green" as you can get, since the only power is your own muscles, and the only emissions come from whatever you might have eaten for lunch. ;-) The problem is, there's only one setting, and it never seems to get down far enough to keep the grass from growing right back too quickly. When it was the only mower at the old house, I had to use it in tandem with a Weed Eater, which seemed to do more of the work at times.