Friday, June 13, 2008

While I Was Out...

...I didn't stop collecting random weird news stories. Here are a few, for your enjoyment:
  • Advice to the criminally-inclined: If you shop at a store using a stolen credit card, it's probably not a good idea to fill out a job application at the same store (using your real name, no less).

  • A pest-control company in Oregon reported that it removed 788 rats from a house in the town of Sutherlin.

  • Also in Oregon, an 8-foot-tall cypress statue of the old Star-Kist mascot "Charlie the Tuna" was stolen by two pranksters, who then chopped it up with a chain saw after they feared being caught with it. (The locals are having a wake for the statue tomorrow.)

  • A Pennsylvania man couldn't find a ride to court for his DUI sentencing, so he walked 25 miles to get there instead.

  • And while nobody would have forced these people to walk, maybe they should have gotten a ride: An elderly couple in New Zealand (they're 100 and 99, respectively) were observed driving the wrong way on the highway for more than a mile.
I suppose it's time to rant about educrats or legislative stupidity--it's been a while--so I'll do that tomorrow.

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