Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Is Mah Birfday; Where R Sleep?

I'm back home now, after an interesting night of commercial aviation.

It was already going to be a late night to begin with, as we were scheduled to land at around 11 p.m. But after three flight delays and five (count 'em) gate changes at O'Hare, we finally touched down around one in the morning. Add up the usual business of getting luggage, shuttling out to the Back Forty where I parked, and driving home, and I graced the doorstep of Casa de Kev a little after two.

I've never started a new year of life in the air before (and the near-roller coaster moments before landing made things interesting), and it hasn't seemed quite like a "holiday" yet, as summer teaching started at nine this morning. There'll probably be some good naptime in the afternoon, as Tuesdays haven't filled up yet, though I still have quite a bit of catching up to do.

I'll delay the wrap-up of the Vermont trip until tomorrow.

(As for the title of this post, I once again link to this hilarious lolcat that was posted last year, a day before "mah birfday" took place.)

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