Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Midday in Middlebury

We had lunch today in this charming little town that we've been to on a previous trip. (Among other things, it's the home of Holy Cow store, owned by Woody Jackson, the artist who does all the cow graphics for Ben and Jerry's.)

Looking up Main Street towards U.S. 7

Looking down Main Street towards the center of town

Middlebury Falls seems to cascade out from the back of the Main Street stores

We also got to visit the Marble Works district for the first time; it's a set of old factory buildings (and you can guess what was made there most recently) that have been renovated into stores and offices (story here). If you're in the area, I highly recommend the Noonie Deli, where they serve the same type of "apple melt" sandwich (known there as the Vermonter) that we used to eat at Jana's Cupboard in Jeffersonville (now under new ownership with a different menu).

I'll have one more shot of Middlebury Falls in the next post; you'll see why in a moment.

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