Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cool Video Alert: e.s.t.

A few days ago, I wrote about the passing of pianist Esbjörn Svensson just as he and his trio (known as e.s.t.) were starting to get attention in this country. Since then, I've found a wealth of videos on YouTube:
  • e.s.t. performing "Goldwrap", the first tune I heard by the group, and the one that made me a fan right then and there

  • Two e.s.t. tunes with cool titles: Dodge the Dodo and When God Created the Coffeebreak (great tunes as well!)

  • A wonderful live version of the trio performing "Behind the Yashmak" (with the intro slightly and skillfully truncated to fit YouTube's 10-minute limit)

  • The same tune done with special guest Pat Metheny (the Metheny Group was an obvious influence--and the trio's top friend on MySpace--and they mesh together quite nicely)

  • Svensson with Pat Metheny and MIchael Brecker, among others, performing "This Masquerade" (done in two parts because the whole thing runs about 15 minutes)
It was rare for Svensson to perform outside of his trio, so the latter two videos are already a special treat, made even more so with Metheny and Brecker sharing the stage.

Another interesting thing about the "Goldwrap" video (a studio version, same as the one on the band's website) is that the whole thing is shot in sort of a sepia hue that does indeed make the bandmembers appear to be wrapped in gold. This prompted one of the YouTube commenters (well in advance of Svensson's passing, of course) to note that they look like the "Gold Man Group." Considering the baldness of Svensson and bassist Dan Berglund (not to mention the electronic treatment of the drums), that's an apt comparison.

As I said the other day, I came to this trio's music too late to celebrate it while Svensson was living, but can continue to keep the music alive by listening to it. Click the links above and enjoy...

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