Sunday, February 19, 2006

Thanks for Coming, Have an Ice Day

We made it back in one piece from TMEA today (OK, technically three pieces, since it's not like we fused together or anything) despite the nasty, frozen, drizzly weather that followed us for most of our trip. The worst of it was actually in San Antonio and Dallas, with all the parts in between being rather dry. In fact, the iciest thing we encountered was the parking garage at our own hotel; we had been relegated to the uncovered roof level due to a big wedding in one of the hotel ballrooms last night. Once we made it out of there--and through the big elevated freeways around downtown San Antonio, it was pretty much smooth sailing for the rest of the trip.

Sure, we saw plenty of other people who weren't having such a good time of it; for the first half-hour or so, the freeway would be closed down around every five exits because of a wreck (thank goodness for almost constant service roads in Texas). As for me, I just decided early on that safety was the only factor in play today, so I never went any faster than I felt comfortable going, and I tried really hard to leave a big "bubble" on all sides of me as much as possible. We did run into quite a bit of traffic (especially trucks) when we got back to Dallas, but, although Eric and his traffic-reporter counterparts had a busy day at the office today, I didn't see much rough stuff the whole way back. I hope everybody else's trip back was equally uneventful; it's really weird that, just like two years ago, winter weather has been more of a factor on the San Antonio side during TMEA week than it has been up here.

I'll post some random thoughts about the week, and finish Friday's post, in the next day or so.

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