Saturday, February 14, 2004

I'm Dreaming of a White....Valentine's Day???

KEV, LIVE FROM TMEA, PART 3: It snowed here in San Antonio last night for the first time in 15 years, I think. It didn't really stick or anything, and it was more of a mixture of snow and sleet and rain...and a couple of my friends swear they heard thunder, which would make it a thundersnowsleetstorm (!). Evidently the roads were horrible this morning; I saw pictures of a 15-car pileup here on the local news. The coast back to Dallas appears to be clear; Fizban's dad and sister made it down for the jazz concert, even though it took about an hour longer than usual. It should be all melted by the time I hit the road.

The jazz concert itself was good, probably the longest one on record at nearly an hour and a half. They kept a lot of Mantooth's music as a fitting tribute, and his replacement, Matt Harris, added a few charts of his own. This was the senior year of the amazing Booker T. altoist Matt Marantz; remember that name, as it'll be a household word in jazz within a few years. The sound engineering left a lot to be desired, and there was no excuse for the piano being as out-of-tune as it was, but overall it was a fine show.

So I'm out in a few moments; they're rolling up the carpets here in the exhibit hall in about half an hour (they literally roll them up in front of you--sometimes over you if you're not careful). Even though I was going to stay here until tomorrow, the V-Day thing got in the way--most of my friends with significant others will be going back to Dallas for tonight, and those who remain are all couples, who will of course be.....uhh, busy tonight. I'll swing by to see my sister, brother-in-law and nephews in Austin on the way back and will be able to spend tonight in my own bed (yay). Next year should be a total blast when most of Team Demon/Dingus will be here.

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