Friday, February 03, 2006

You Oughta Be in Pictures (in the Paper)

I was reading my Dallas Observer tonight, when, all of a sudden, the smiling mug of my buddy Eric was staring back at me. He's the subject of an article about the book he's writing: Post: An Anthology of American Post-Hardcore /Whatever-You-Call-It-Core: 1985-2005. The book is still a few chapters away from completion (as the article notes, and I knew already, Eric juggles his writing with both playing in a band and his day gig as a traffic reporter), but he posts regular progress reports on his blog.

Congratulations, Eric! I look forward to reading the book. Oh, and how cool would it be if the book had an accompanying CD featuring, say, a track from each band that's featured in there. (I realize that might be difficult for those bands who aren't on indie labels anymore, but maybe they still have some material in the vaults.)

Speaking of bypassing the Machine, here's my favorite quote from the article: "I don't want to bother getting an agent and beg publishers to get it out," Grubbs says. "There was no middle man when people started their own records. Why should there be a middle man when publishing a book?"

I say amen, brotha.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "My next class is a nap."--Me, to my last student of the day, as I was encouraging him to pack up quickly and get to his next class on time. It's been quite an activity-filled last two weeks, and that Friday afternoon nap felt quite good, a three-day weekend awaits.


Eric Grubbs said...

A-ha! You found me. Thanks for the nice words. Now back to researching . . .

Steven said...

I get done at 2 on Fridays, which is ultra early for me during the week(I usually don't get finished with all my work till 11 at night) I refer to my phantom 4th class on Fridays as "The Basics of Napping." Definitely kicking ass in that class.

Anonymous said...

I had a professor at UNT refer to his class as nap time.

.. and yes it was music history.