Saturday, February 25, 2006

Look! Up in the Sky!'s a bird; it's a plane; it's...rain?? That's right--the wet stuff has been in the area for two days in a row now. It's not like this will make even the mildest dent in the drought that we've had here in Texas for the past several months, but at least it will provide a bit of relief for everyone's beleaguered lawns and landscaping. Of course, that meant that, from what I heard on the radio, rush hour yesterday afternoon was evidently a nightmare; couple that with last weekend's icy conditions, and I'm sure that means that plenty of insurance adjusters and car-rental execs will be fat and happy this week.

It'll be a good weekend, even if it's busy; my high-schoolers have solo and ensemble as we speak, I'll be catching the Two O'Clock later on today in Frisco (opening act: the Frisco Community Jazz Band, directed by frequent commenter Gary P.), and the Cool Concert Tour kicks off tomorrow with a trip to Keller to see Maynard Ferguson. In between all that, I might well finish all the posts that have been half-completed since earlier in the week.

Keys on the kitten: I hadn't seen this in years, but Gizmodo recently posted the famous picture of the cat piano. Note to PETA: No actual felines were harmed in the making of this drawing. (Hat tip: Instapundit)

It took a lot of "stones" to do this: Streakers have been an unwelcome, if amusing, part of various big events for over three decades now; one even interrupted our marching band in college when we were putting on an exhibition (heh) show at a high school marching contest. But the last place I ever expected to hear about a streaker was at an Olympic curling match. Brrrrr....


Gary P. said...

Hey Kev,

It was a very pleasant surprise to see you after the gig. Thanks for coming out. Any comments or constructive criticisms of the group? (If they're too "constructive," take it to email.... :-) )

Continuing in a jazz vein, I made a 7-11 run just now to get some midnight snacks for my wife and daughter. At the front doors to the 7-11 on Hillcrest and Main is a big sign:

Lionel Hampton

I'm finally starting to see a need for a mobile phone that takes pictures....

Kev said...

Hey, I thought that you guys did a fine job, especially considering the fact that it's a two-year-old group that rehearses once a week. I enjoyed the choice of literature, and you definitely have some good players in there.

On a technical note, I would have a few more mics on the saxes if they're available--maybe one per pair of tenors and one each for everyone else, and be sure that soloists play into their mics.

I have a few other little things, but yeah, I can put that in an email when I get un-swamped in a few days.

Incidentally, what was that unusual flute that your alto player had? It was curved like a bass flute but the same size as a regular one.

Gary P. said...

Thanks for the kind words, Kev. I know the guys in the band will be glad to hear them.

The flute our lead alto plays is a beginner student model flute. He said it's curved to let younger players with shorter arms reach the end of the instrument. He said he got it really cheap on eBay because of the appearance, but it plays just fine for what he needs it to do. I think he said he paid $80 for it.