Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Joke of the Day, from the Birthday Boy

Happy birthday to my good buddy J-Guar, who's legal today.

He also provided me with the joke of the day in a conversation last night:
Q: What's the difference between Kenny G and a machine gun?
A: A machine gun only repeats itself 75 times.
--posted on a door in one of the UNT music buildings
Funny stuff. I don't have time to dig it up now, but I'll also link again to the hilarious Barnes & Noble interview with the G-weasel; it's worth posting one more time.

Anyway, I'll get to see the birthday boy tonight at Lab Band Night, where I'm scheduled to buy him his first legal libation. I wonder what he'll choose...

This will be a long day, just like the past two. So will tomorrow. I think I'm scheduled for a nap on...Friday? Sunday? I'll be lovin' it, that's for sure.

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Unknown said...

Sorry for my sudden and my little bad English :).
When I search google for blogspot sites, I found many results and I clicked on the result of your blog to see what in here.
The first interesting thing smashing my eyes is your joke.
yeh, it's a funny story abt Kenny G. I like his music, such as Going home.
Thanks for your joke. I will tell for my friend abt it.

Nhan Vu Lam Chi