Saturday, September 03, 2005


There are a couple of small but notable changes that I wanted to bring to everyone's attention: First of all, because I've started to get a lot of comment spam recently (you guys don't usually see it because I tend to catch it pretty quickly), I've enabled the new "word verfication" feature offered by Blogger. All it means is that you have to type in a word (usually a chain of random letters, to be precise) that's shown in a box at the bottom of the add-a-comment page; this word verifies that it's a real humanoid typing the comment and not some sort of spambot. It requires one more small step to post a comment, but I hope nobody thinks it's a royal pain or anything. (Feel free to try it out!)

Also, I've enabled Atom site-feed syndication, which will either be really cool to those of you with blog-aggregator programs or fly right over the head of those who don't. At any rate, it's there.

Gig tonight; I'll report back on the new venue and whether or not it'd be a good place for TD/D to play.


Eric Grubbs said...

FREE CIAL- . . . . .

Oh wait.

Yeah, comment spam got out of control on my blog so I had to throw something down. I hope people don't mind.

Anonymous said...

well now how is Stevie Wonder going to comment on your blog?

Kev said...

Hmm...I suppose he'll have to actually *say* the random assortment of letters that you have to use for verification. Knowing Stevie, he could make a Top 40 hit out of the word (the one at the moment is "kobdew").