Monday, December 10, 2007

Today Just Said "Winter" to Me

It was a cold, foggy, misty day for pretty much all of today. When I walked across the parking lot while leaving the college tonight, there was this big watery curtain hanging over the trees--and the entire horizon, for that matter--that made it feel like we were just completely enclosed by winter. (It also occurred to me that, if this stuff were to ice over tonight, we would be up a creek, and--much as I like unplanned school holidays--tomorrow would be the absolute worst day to have a snow day, with juries at the college and all.)

Granted, our weather is nothing like what they've been having in the Midwest (and I hope that kind of thing isn't going on next week, when I'm in that part of the country), but at least, with just over two weeks to go, it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas out here.

It's cold, but we're not at this point yet: In Minnesota last week, someone tried to carjack a snowplow, but the driver didn't respond to his demand to leave the vehicle. (if you're thinking that this story sounds familiar, it's because a similar thing happened a little over a month ago.

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