Monday, December 31, 2007

2007: The Year in Blogging

Once again, a look at notable (at least in the author's own mind) posts from the past year...

JANUARY: A New York Minute
FEBRUARY: Something Good Is Brewing Here
MARCH: An Unusual Power of Music, Revisited
APRIL: A Little April Foolishness
MAY:The End of an Era on Fry Street
JUNE: A Radical Solution for Education?
JULY: Don't Hate Me Because I'm Single
AUGUST: The Summer of Broken Stuff
SEPTEMBER: Bruce Hall-mighty
OCTOBER: A Weeknight Jazz Primer of Sorts
NOVEMBER: Could You Spend a Day Unplugged?
DECEMBER: Watch or Cellphone?

(Hat tip for the idea to do this kind of post: Althouse. And if you want a truly hilarious year-in-review piece, check out the one from Dave Barry.)

With all the car stories lately, I've fallen behind on other things I've wanted to post about; expect a bit of catching up next year (i.e. tomorrow).

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