Monday, December 31, 2007

Chapter's Conclusion

As of this afternoon, the Kevmobile is back in my custody and running well. There are still a few smaller issues that need to be resolved before she gets back up to 100%, but those things can be done locally without my having to have a rental car. It was nice to watch the temperature gauge stay in the "normal" range all the way home, and it felt like it was running better than it had in a while.

And while I don't have any idea how small the odds would be that one of my 20 readers would break down in Central Texas, if that should happen to you, you can't go wrong with Marc's Garage. The service was good and really quick, especially considering the long-distance thing and the holiday weekends, and Marc and his family went "above and beyond" in helping me get from place to place in my car-less state. I have no qualms about plugging them on this blog.

I'll be back in a little bit with the annual (as soon as I complete this second one, heh) "Year in Blogging" post.

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