Sunday, December 09, 2007

Ninjas in Training

Something rather interesting came up last night before the jazz concert at the college. Since my groups all went a few weeks ago, I was in charge of the ushers at this concert, and was thus, like those in my employ, dressed in all black. I was talking to a few of the ushers and the lighting guy, when a couple of students waiting for the concert to start came up to us. The following conversation ensued...

FEMALE STUDENT: Umm...we were just wondering why all of you are wearing black.
LIGHTING GUY: We're ninjas in training.
ME: OK, actually, we're about to become goths, but we haven't done our hair or our nails yet.

The lighting guy then explained why ushers and theatre techs wear black, and added at the end, "But I really like the idea of us being ninjas in training even better."

And while we're on the subject, I just did a search and realized that I never posted the story about a friend of mine whose little sister (in kindergarten at the time) was shopping with my friend and his mother at a discount store. She saw a couple of ladies in dark-colored Middle Easter garb (complete with headcovering), and said (in a very loud voice that many little kids possess), "Look over there...ninjas!" Needless to say, mom and big brother were mortified and tried to "shush" her as quickly as possible.

Getting one's just desserts, part 1: Last night at dinner after the concert, I got a special that included the dessert (the White Chocolate Molten Cake from Chili's, which I highly recommend). Once again, a humorous piece of dialogue was to follow...

FRIEND: If you eat that entire cake and don't give me any, I won't be your friend anymore.
ME: Dude...if I ate that entire cake, I'd be two of your friends.

Getting one's just desserts, part 2: I can also recommend one more dessert that I tried for the first time this weekend: The Nutter Butter Fudgeslide at Logan's Roadhouse. Logan's is one of those places where they have buckets of peanuts on the table, of which you can toss the shells on the floor, so the dessert played on that riff. It's one of those shot-glass-sized confections with several layers: The top part has whipped cream and a tiny, tiny Nutter Butter cookie; the middle part is like a Reese's peanut butter cup on steroids; and the bottom is a chocolate mousse-type thing. It's very, very rich, but very, very good, and--since the container it comes in can be taken home as a souvenir--you has a bucket when you finish.

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