Friday, December 14, 2007


A funny story from last night:

While my evening combo was doing its gig, one of my colleagues took a different group of students to another location to play for a holiday reception. When they got there, the drummer realized that he had somehow gotten separated from his stick bag, so he had nothing with which to play his set. Fortunately, the place where they were playing had catering facilities, and there was a lot of cookware lying around (are you seeing where this is going?). So, sure enough, he played the entire gig using a pair of large wooden spoons for drumsticks! Otherwise, things went off without a hitch, though the drummer will probably be known as "Spooner" for the rest of his career at our college. Heh.

Incidentally, an actual spoonerism is that thing that happens when someone reverses the letters of some words in a phrase. They happened quite a bit when I was in radio, especially when a bassist named Rob Wasserman put out a new recording; he was called "Wob Rasserman" by many, many people. (My own funniest one was when I said that a guitarist was "turrently couring" with someone.)

I'm pretty wiped out from the semester, so I'll let the readers take over. Feel free to post either your favorite spoonerisms (or funny gig stories, if you're a fellow musician) in the comments.

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