Saturday, December 22, 2007

Another Holiday Cornucopia

The weird holiday stories, they just keep on a-comin':

  • Police in Rancho Cordova, California are pulling over motorists who are doing a good job driving and rewarding them with Starbucks cards for the holidays.

  • You've heard of a "turducken" (a hen stuffed inside of a duck stuffed inside of a turkey), correct? Now, somebody in England has created a roast made from 48 birds of 12 different species.

  • One New Jersey dry-cleaning establishment will probably get a lump of coal in its stocking after it lost Santa's suit.

  • Burglars in New Zealand had sort of a Grinch-like change of heart when they returned the Christmas presents they'd stolen from a family's home a few hours before. (I say "sort of" because most of the items were returned with some sort of damage.)

  • Enjoy the Cavalcade of Bad Nativity Scenes.

  • Someone stole the baby Jesus statues from the nativity scenes at twelve different people's houses. They ended up at the foot of the Virgin Mary at a nearby church. (Unintended funny line at the end of the video: The homeowner who says "I think I'll nail it down" to avoid future thefts.)

  • And finally, even though the originator of the "Secret Santa" tradition in Kansas City (a guy in a Santa suit randomly handing out $100 bills to strangers) died earlier this year, someone has taken up the mantle--anonymously, of course.
I decided to post these early because there were so many of them; if there ends up being a lot more by the time Tuesday comes around, I'll post them then.

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