Monday, August 20, 2007

Spam? A Lot! Part 3

A while back, I posted on the subject of spam, and the noteworthy element that time was unusual word strings (such as "nadiaprovisiondonahue") that were used for the "name" of the alleged sender. (An even earlier post covered the nonsense combinations of words used in subject lines.) And now, being inundated with spam once again on the two listservs which I manage, the creativity continues, as the subject lines have now become (sometimes rather lengthy) sentences of their own:
  • If your browser supports Java, you should see an animated image above (generated by a Java applet embedded on the page).

  • Can you take me to her.

  • Extended features are available through modules which can be loaded into Apache.

  • I've also had to do this to ease the communication between mappers and packers several times.

  • A lichnyj transport vsjo-taki, na dannom etape, predstavljajet soboj tupik civilizacii, jesli ispol'zujet iskopajemyje vidy topliva. (from a Norwegian address)

  • I often get drunk these days, there's no denying it, but that's the only way I can stomach the thought of what we're doing over there.

  • Due to the side effects performed by this intrinsic, the function form is not recommended.

  • This option is always enabled by default on certain machines, usually those which have no call-preserved registers to use instead.

  • It was some fiend.

  • No, my old friend, don't worry.
I'll see if I can find a Norwegian translation engine later.

This would have been a great SNL skit in the old days: Samurai Gas Station Robbers.

It hasn't super-sized them yet: A British couple has eaten lunch at McDonald's every day for 17 years.

Talk about a frivolous lawsuit: A South Carolina prison inmate is suing Michael Vick for $63 quintillion dollars, claiming that Vick stole his pit bulls and sold them on eBay to "use the proceeds to purchase missiles from the Iran government." (This guy has filed other wacky lawsuits in the past.)

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