Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Spam? A Lot! Part 2

As I mentioned a while back, spammers have gotten creative with the way they label their emails; I haven't seen one touting V!@GR@ in quite some time now. Whereas last time, it was the weird combinations of words in the subject line, now they're sending them out with "normal" subjects and really unusual word strings in the "name" of the "sender." Here's a list of supposed senders to one of the listservs that I manage:
  • orlandoindelicatedepth

  • agustincookyfleeing

  • sydneyprogrammingporterhouse

  • suezestlying

  • jamescrepedogberry

  • jeverlasting

  • nadiaprovisiondonahue

  • ronfourthdevour

  • roscoeeightiethding

  • lymansmartvillain
(That last one had the only weird subject line--"antonym holiday joaquin.")

I wonder what they'll come up with next. Add your own funny ones in the comments.

Somebody should be flushed with embarrassment over this: Whoever evidently flushed a bra and knickers down the toilet in England probably had no clue that it would cause a burst pipe, a flood and the collapse of the road above.

So much for respecting your elders: A German teenager in the ICU recovering from injuries in a car crash had trouble sleeping, supposedly due to the noise of the life-support machine of the nearby 76-year-old fellow patient...so he unplugged the machine. (It was plugged back in by the hospital staff before the older man was harmed.)

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