Wednesday, August 01, 2007

More People to Keep in Your Thoughts and Prayers

Other posts can wait, but I'm sure that by now you've heard about the 35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis this afternoon. My heart goes out to that city tonight.

When I think of Minneapolis, I think of James Lileks, and I'm happy to report that he and his family are OK. (I'll admit that I have refreshed the site quite a bit in the last few hours before he posted.) Please join me in keeping everyone up there in your thoughts and prayers today.

UPDATE: The Lileks post I linked earlier has been updated extensively, and the comments section brings out the best and worst in people. (Best: all the concern for James and his family from around the country. Worst: people who can't resist throwing politics into the mix before everyone is even rescued.) One crass commenter predicts that this disaster will help Lileks "sell a lot of books," but our host--very much the bigger man--suggests donating the cost of a book to the local Red Cross instead--(651) 291-4680.

Also, here's an eyewitness report of the collapse from someone who lives pretty much within rock-thrpwing distance to the bridge. And there are lots of updates and photos at the Star-Tribune site.

For now, I'll let Lileks have the last word:
I’ve driven across this bridge every few days for thirty years. There are bridges, and there are bridges; this one had the most magnificent view of downtown available, and it’s a miracle I never rear-ended anyone while gawking at the skyline, the old Stone Bridge, the Mississippi. You always felt proud to be here when you crossed that bridge, pleased to live in such a beautiful place. Didn’t matter if it was summer twilight or hard cold winter noon - Minneapolis always seemed to be standing at attention, posing for a formal portrait . We’ll have that view again – but it’ll take a generation before it’s no longer tinged with regret and remembrance.

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