Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Doctor Will See Play For You Now

Remember the rock group Queen, and its guitarist, Brian May? Well, it's Dr. Brian May now; the rocker has finally completed his doctorate in astrophysics this week from London's Imperial College. He had started working on it in the '70s, but he had to put it on the shelf when his band started to take off.

His 48,000-word thesis, incidentally, is called "Radial Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud," and he noted that submitting and defending it to his examiners was, at least at first, as nerve-wracking as playing any stadium gig.

In other rockin' news: Enjoy a list of the Ten Best Bands That Never Existed (think Spinal Tap, the Rutles, etc.). The band in first place may surprise you...

For really lazy music lovers: Japanese engineers have come up with a piece of gear that lets iPod users start the device hands-free by clenching their teeth.

Maybe he should have stuck to doing his homework: A Finnish high school student has been fined for posting a video of one of his teachers singing karaoke at a school party. It wasn't the singing part that caused the trouble, but rather the fact that the student labeled the video as taking place at a mental hospital.

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