Friday, August 24, 2007

Another Smorgasbord

So many unusual stories, so little time to post this week...
  • Stupid criminal of the week: A woman, upset that the cocaine she bought turned out to be a fake, calls the police for assistance.

  • Stupid crime of the week: A 12-year-old boy was accused of assaulting a senior citizen...with a cocktail sausage. (A court later threw out the case and gave police and prosecutors a lecture for pursuing it.)

  • In the same vein--and also in England--charges were also dismissed against a pair of female sunbathers who flashed a TV camera in a public beach area.

  • One more from across the pond, and this one hasn't been dropped yet: A man was arrested in London for surfing the Web using someone else's unsecured Wi-Fi connection.

  • Weird technological item of the day: A urinal for women.

  • An interesting day, and a good name for a heavy-metal band: Goth Day at Disneyland. (I always got a kick out of the Goth kids that showed up to outdoor rock concerts; their skin was so pale that they burned in an instant. And here's a Fun Fact about me: My last Halloween costume--save for the Chipotle burrito thing, of course--was as a Goth, in 1998.)

  • Speaking of Fun Facts, some of you know that I was an extra in the movie Necessary Roughness, which was filmed on my campus while I was in college. Among the players on the ragtag Texas State Armadillos (before an actual university assumed that name) was a 35-year-old quarterback. But now another Texas school can do that one better: Sul Ross State University in Alpine will include a 59-year-old cornerback on its fall roster. (Another piece of trivia that I just found out while researching this article: Among the cast members of Necessary Roughness was former Senator and possible Presidential candidate Fred Thompson.)

  • I'm in ur iPhone, hax0ring ur networkz: A 17-year-old from New Jersey has figured out how to hack the iPhone in order to get it on other networks besides AT&T.
I'll have a more topical post or two over the weekend.

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