Friday, August 17, 2007

Tax Takes a Holiday

If you're here in Texas, enjoy the sales tax holiday this weekend. Here's a list of what is and isn't exempt from the tax.

Looking at the list...does anyone buy handkerchiefs anymore? Does anyone in Texas buy gloves in August? And how would anyone consider personal flotation devices (which aren't on the list) or cowboy boots (which are) a necessary back-to-school item?

Me, I might snag a few pairs of pants over the weekend, but otherwise, I'm good. My only issue this weekend is the Dread Sked, which is even more complicated than usual. Too many people, not enough slots, just like always. Thankfully, there's still a week to tweak it.

(Lack of) Fire Safety 101: It's bad enough when your lawnmower blows up as you try to start it. It's even worse when you try to throw the gas can out of the garage to avoid the flames, but you miss.

Sticking it to the man, in small denominations: An Indiana man showed his frustration with having to pay a large (as in over $12,000) tax bill by doing so in $1 bills and coins.

Tour de Amputation: A Japanese bicyclist got so caught up in the race he was riding that he didn't even notice that one of his legs had come off during the ride.

This would be even funnier if they added ".com" to the end of their last name: A Chinese couple has rankled government officials by choosing "@" for the name of their new baby.

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