Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Rumor I Don't Want to Be True

I was all set to do today's post until I read this in the blog of the Save Fry Street MySpace: Rumor has it that The Tomato has been given its eviction notice.

I know that the Tomato ownership has vowed to keep going, somewhere...and I know that, as was discussed here earlier, the Tomato remains in the developers' plans, probably on that new street they're going to build. But the point is, that stuff isn't built yet, and eviction notices usually mean that someone has a month to vacate. I really, really hope there isn't going to be any significant downtime for The Tomato.

I'll have more updates as soon as they're available.

UPDATE: The Save Fry Street website confirms the rumor, and I was right about the one-month deadline. I think a few trips to Denton are in my near future.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: The Tomato management is negotiating with the property owners to extend the period before they have to move (via the Tomato's MySpace--yes, it has one, and you'd better believe it's my friend--and actual, live Tomato employees on Saturday).

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