Saturday, January 13, 2007

Saluting the Masters

NEW YORK--The 2007 class of NEA Jazz Masters was inducted here last night. I'll provide more details when I get back home, but for now, congratulations go out to Toshiko Akiyoshi, Curtis Fuller, Ramsey Lewis, Dan Morgenstern, Jimmy Scott, Frank Wess and Phil Woods.

I don't try this at home: On trips like this, I try really hard to eat breakfast on the cheap (since, for the most part, lunch and dinner can only be eaten on the expensive). So my rare moment here has been that, for three mornings in a row now, I've been to a Starbucks without buying a beverage. Free coffee in the room + water + pastry = about as cheap as you can get around here.


Jazzy G said...

Kev I hate to ruin your trip, but Michael Brecker died today.

Kev said...

Trust me, we found out pretty quickly up there, what with such a large chunk of the whole jazz world being in one place and all. Tribute forthcoming.