Saturday, January 06, 2007

I Recommend...

I don't really have time to do an actual post today, as this is the day where I write recommendation letters for all the high-schoolers who are about to audition for college and the community college people who are auditioning for their four-year schools. (This would of course also be the day that my printer ran out of ink, which doesn't dovetail very nicely with the fact that I'm trying to save for the New York trip in a few days...but that's the law of Murphy, and Murphy and I go way back, what with both of us being Irish and all.)

There's also a trip to the Tomato planned, since their not-too-distant future is up in the air now, and the new T-shirts are out as well. So I'll skip right to the weird news at this point and come back with a more substantial post tomorrow.

"I Don't" think this was a good idea: During the wedding of an Austrian couple, they got to the part where the bride was asked whether she wanted to take her fiance as her husband; she said "no," as a joke. But the civil official performing the ceremony took it seriously and stopped the wedding, and they now have to wait two and a half months before they can wed again.

Administrative cluelessness, Vol. CXXVI: A 12-year-old special education student was arrested for wetting her pants at school when she was sent to the principal. School officials said she did it "on purpose."

Bye-bye, Bullwinkle: In an effort to curb overpopulation, moose from Colorado are being caught in nets, blindfolded and moved to Utah by trailer. A local wildlife manager compares the process to "alien abduction."

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