Monday, January 29, 2007

The Mystery Continues

My car has been in the shop since yesterday afternoon, and they're still not sure what's wrong. This scares me a bit, because things like that always end up being expensive.

Of course, Kevmobile 1.2 has been a money pit in the past two years, causing me to spend way too much time at the garage. In the past, it had usually chosen my school holidays to break down, but this one required a rental car very early this morning (because of the nature of my job, I can't just not teach, especially if the car repair will be expensive; besides, at about thirty bucks a day, I recoup the cost of the rental in only two lessons). It took a while to get the car, but my net loss was one lesson in the morning, and I'll make that up later.

So I kept checking in with the car place, and the answer was always the same: "We don't know yet." This increased my anxiety quotient each time they said that, because I could see it getting more expensive by the hour (though I doubt I'm being charged by the hour for all the diagnostic stuff). The mechanic who usually does all my work said, "I think your car is cursed." I knew I shouldn't have parked over that Native American burial ground that one time...

Anyway, I get to drive the little red pod car again for at least part of tomorrow (it's funny; I'll post the picture eventually), and, since I went over to grab a few necessities out of my car (college briefcase, public school badge, sunglasses...though I forgot to get the garage door opener [d'oh!]), things will be as normal as they can be at the moment. Still, I'm hoping for something besides a giant bill here, so once again, wish me luck...

The cat's out of the bag, part 1: Inmates at a Vermont women's prison will no longer be able to keep the cats that have been living with them for years.

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The pen is mightier than the Simba: A lady defends herself from a mountain lion who attacked her husband by fighting back with a small log and a pen.

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