Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A School Holiday? 'Snow Way!

I really didn't expect to wake up to a snow day today; the forecast last night had called for "flurries" at best, but when I turned on the radio this morning, they were rattling off a big list of school closings. A quick look at the TV and the Web showed that my district was among those that had decided to close (which surprised me; they're usually not so quick on the trigger like that). So I promptly went back to bed and have pretty much been using today to catch up on everything (including the blog posts of the last three days that had gone unfinished).

I really hope that we can go back tomorrow, though; I could use the money after having missed three days last week due to IAJE, and I don't want both of our "bad weather makeup" days to be used by a single weather event. (But I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the sleep...)

Neither rain nor snow kept me from posting this story: In yet another case of badly-delayed mail, a man recently received a postcard that was postmarked in 1949.

No panda-monium here: A zoo in northern Thailand is having problems breeding its pair of pandas because the male is too fat to have sex.

Saving the dog: A dog in Florida had to be rescued after neighbors heard whimpering and discovered that it had been buried alive in someone's backyard.

Saved by the dog: Meanwhile, on the other coast, a California man was able to escape from his burning cottage because his pet Labradoodle woke him up in time.

Stupid criminal of the week: Here's a video primer on how not to rob a liquor store.


James said...

Oh that liquor store guy... I laughed so much! What a goose!

Kev said...

Yeah, that was great. Someone who's that clumsy should definitely take up another "profession" besides bank robbery...

So how are things in your neck of the woods, James?