Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mystery Solved

After three long days, I got the car back this afternoon. The culprit? The distributor. Not just the cap--the whole thing. It set me back a bit, but I figured out a way to do it without busting my bank account, so it's all good. It may set me back a few months as far as when I get a new car in a year or so, but this also bought the car quite a bit of time (It has so many parts, you could say it's "bionic").

At any rate, I'm happy to get this distraction out of the way, and I'll be happy to post about other stuff next time. But while we're on the subject of cars...

Great balls of fire ice: An 18-inch-thick ball of ice fell from the sky in Florida and crushed the roof of a parked car. There's also an "eww" factor; the ice ball probably came from an airplane lavatory.

The department store now has a drive-through: Thieves in Denmark plowed their car through the entrance to a department store but gave up their quest after they couldn't ram it into the jewelry section. (The headline for this story, "Thieves Race Car Through Danish Store," confused me, as I thought they meant a store devoted to frosted breakfast pastries.)

I, Valet: New Yorkers will soon get to try a robotic parking garage--a hit overseas, but only the second one here in the U.S.

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