Monday, January 08, 2007

If Christmas Was Two Weeks Ago, Why Am I Just Now Getting All My Toys?

It's two days before I leave for New York, and I had not one, but two packages waiting for me today: The iPod, which was expected (yes, I've finally "joined the cult," as Instapundit might say), and a tenor mouthpiece that was on three-month backorder two months ago. I'll have time to blow but a few notes on the tenor 'piece (though I may well take it to IAJE with me and try out some horns), but at least the iPod is here with a day to spare so I can at least partially load it. Needless to say, I'm really looking forward to going on a trip without taking my Discman and a big wallet full of CD's, not to mention the endless legion of "AA" batteries that went along with it.

I have a feeling I'm going to stay up way too late tonight loading and charging and all that, but at least there's only one day of teaching/listening to college auditions (tomorrow) before the trip. This is definitely worth it.

I have a new title now: After four years of making the first car payments I've ever made in my life, Kevmobile 1.2 is now officially mine. I'm hoping she'll last at least another year so that I can save the amount I'd been paying towards the downpayment for the next one...perhaps a "gently used" RSX, as was the original plan.

This is a relief: In case you missed it in the news last week, it is no longer illegal to fly a kite in Pakistan.

We deliver...eventually: A guy in Pennsylvania received a letter in his mailbox that was postmarked in 1954.

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