Saturday, June 10, 2006

A Toasty Day

Last year at this time, my birthday was rung in by the clock tower at City Hall in Burlington, Vermont. Last night, midnight was much more subtle; I was at a party with friends in Denton, and I just happened to notice that my watch was approaching midnight in mere seconds, so I stated this fact. Cheers were expressed; glasses were clinked.

Today, I'm gathering a bunch of friends from around here to go have (what else?) a Trifecta in honor of the day. Once you get past 21 (or maybe 25--cheap auto insurance, after all), it's not so much about counting the candles on the cake (the exact number of which is not a topic of discussion on this blog--if you have to assign a number to me, make it 29, being aware that many other people's candle counts get stuck at this number as well), but just about being around friends and/or family. The last two weeks included family at some point (and Mom and Dad will be visiting here in a week or two, hopefully with the new computer in tow), so today is all about well as being thankful for good health, a reasonably prosperous business, and all that. Later on in the day, it's off to Ft. Worth to see a fraternity brother get married; he'll never forget my birthday after this, and I'm likely to remember his anniversary as well.

Speaking of toasty....daaaaang, has it been hot here lately! I think we actually get a reprieve from the triple digits for the next few days, but I've been glad to be teaching here in the cool confines of Casa de Kev instead of going from school to school to school, wearing long pants in the process. I wonder if we could get a little rain for my birthday?

For those of you who can't be Trifectologists today, I hope you're having a great day as well.

Rock beats paper, but gavel beats them all: A federal judge in Florida grew so tired of the opposing attorneys' inability to agree on even the tiniest details of a lawsuit brought before him that he ordered them to solve it by playing a game of rock, paper, scissors.

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Shawn said...

Well the weather here is great, considering your graduation party had to have the music cut short a few times due to rain/sprinkles. It was hot, but the clouds came in and also made it feel good to be outside.

Anyways, hope your Birthday went well!