Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Coffee Over-Achievers?

I've been hearing a lot about the new Folger's Coffee commercial, and I finally got to see it tonight. Go to the website appropriately entitled Tolerate Mornings and click first on the shade and then the TV to watch the ad. It's a rather unusual combination of let-me-sleep types and way-too-happy morning people, and the latter look like an even-more-psychedelic (and very yellow) version of The Polyphonic Spree. I'm not sure how much coffee it will sell, but it's definitely amusing.
(Hat tip: Althouse, where the commenters have fun with it as well.)

UPDATE: Link fixed; thanks to Nate for the heads-up.

After what I just watched tonight, all I can say is: wait'll next year.

1 comment:

Shawn said...

Ha, that's great.

Don't like coffee though - except that 10 dollar triple-cholocate cold cup of excitement. But most tell me that's hardly coffee.