Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fun With New Media

OK, I had this good idea for a post ready, and my blogging totally got derailed this evening (in a good way), when Jordan brought this over. Fans of Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band were looking forward to yesterday's release of The Phat Pack for quite some time, and from what I've heard, the CD delivers as promised. Since Goodwin has plenty of experience writing for films and television, he's earned the right to do sequels, and the new CD contains "Count Bubba's Revenge" and "Hunting Wabbits 2 (A Bad Hare Day)," the follow-ups to two of his most popular recent compositions.

The DVD is really cool too; not only do they have the whole CD in surround sound with a slideshow of sorts, but they've also included little extras like concert video footage, bios of all the players, and a really interesting feature called "Choose Your Own Mix" where you can listen to either of the "sequel" tunes by isolating any section (or individual rhythm instrument) in the band. Hearing the saxes do "Count Bubba's Revenge" all by themselves is pretty amazing.

Anyway, that's why my "post of substance" will be delayed again; I've had quite a bit to do so far this summer, but at least I'm not bored.

These researchers may be pulling the wool over our eyes: A group in Australia is conducting a study to find the nation's ugliest sheep. I wonder if James (my Australian blogger buddy) has run across these guys yet; imagine them passing by a meadow, holding up rating cards like Olympic judges do, but for the sheep.

Our tax dollars at work: In recent days, word has gotten out that some people in the hurricane-hit coastal areas of last summer have been seriously abusing their FEMA funds, using them to foot the bill for divorce, football season tickets and even a sex change operation.


Shawn said...

The director that hosted the All-Star Jazz Ensemble brought that in. We played with in on the projector mac thing... it's amazing. I like how they have the transcriptions too. Have you done the trivia?

Kev said...

I haven't done the trivia yet, because my copy has yet to arrive from Amazon. The copy I was watching belongs to my friend Jordan (you met him at the Tomato).