Monday, June 05, 2006

More School Silliness

In just this one day, I've learned of more idiotic actions by school administrators; oddly enough, both of them came to me via a humor site, Dave Barry's Blog:Be sure and read the comments from Barry's Blog readers to both posts; you might notice that most of the really good ideas expressed by the readers wouldn't work within the current system *sigh*. Oh, and I really like this comment from reader "randomthunking" regarding the cookie story:
Frankly, I subscribe to the "let the crime fit the punishment" school of thought in cases like this. If the "staff member" in question is OK with a punishment of suspension, that's OK. But the particular staff member better not leave any more food lying around, or get accustom to booger-flavored cookies (or worse, a lot worse).
I've mentioned before that I have zero tolerance for "zero tolerance" policies, and such policies seem to be what were used in both situations. Administrators really need to develop the courage to think independently and weigh each case on its own merits rather than hiding behind one-size-fits-all regulations that rarely fit anyone.

Oh, and I can't talk too much about my proposed solution for education...

His day totally went to "pot" after that: Out in the Denton suburb of Oak Point (where a friend of mine used to be the mayor), a construction worker was using a portable toilet when the structure was hit by a truck carrying a wide load; the truck's driver just went a little too wide on his turn.

I hope he's not having to pay "pooch support" now: A court in Spain has ruled that a man can no longer make unannounced visits to his ex-wife's house to visit their dog, of whom he was denied custody in their recent divorce.

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